How to Play Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is the most popular card game among computer players. The game’s level of difficulty ranges from very easy to very hard, depending on the number of suits used.

Object of the Game

Arrange all suits making the least number of moves possible. The less moves you make, the more points you will receive.


Spider Solitaire is played with two packs of cards. Depending on the level of difficulty, packs are made up of one, two, or four different suits.

Cards are laid out in ten piles on the tableau. The bottom card on each column—the one that is on top of the rest—is the only card facing up. The cards that are not placed in any column will remain piled up on the lower right corner.

How to Play

To win the game you must remove all cards from the tableau by using the different columns and arranging cards in descending order, from King to Ace. At the two-suit and four-suit levels, cards must also be of the same suit in order to move them.

Once you manage to create an arranged pile of cards of the same suit in descending order, that column will disappear from the tableau.

Whenever you are not able to make further moves with the cards on the tableau, click on the deck of cards at the bottom, and the game will deal out a new row of cards.

Do not limit yourself to moving just one card at a time. If the cards in a column are of the same suit and are sequentially arranged, you may select them by pointing the top card with the mouse and moving them to a different position.


You start up with 500 points. From there on, the game will substract each move you make. You will then receive 100 points for each suit that you manage to remove from the tableau.

Tips & Tricks

Whenever possible, free up space by getting cards of the same suit together.

Free up face-down cards and have more cards at play. The more cards at play, the more moves you will be able to make, and the less chances you will block columns.

If you are playing with 2 or 4 suits, avoid placing low cards over cards of a different suit.

Make sure you run out of moves before you draw new cards from the stock.